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FC 24: Best Right Wingers With Highest Potential

FC 24: Best Right Wingers With Highest Potential To Sign In Career Mode

EAFC 24 Coins: Best Right Wingers With Highest Potential To Sign In Career ModeBuying Gakpo will be an expensive venture, given that he has an 83 rating in the first season itself. Furthermore, as his potential is at 88, Cody Gakpo’s price will climb with his rating over the seasons.In arguably the costliest loan move, JoAatilde;o FAeacute;lix was loaned to Chelsea from Atletico Madrid, and it can be considered a clear display of his potential. The Portuguese talent also won the Golden Boy award in 2019, which is something provided to the best young player in a calendar year.FAeacute;lix will probably be the best centre forward you can get in Career Mode thanks to his rating of 83 and potential of 89. Even though JoAatilde;o FAeacute;lix might not be the fastest, he has better shooting, passing, and dribbling than all the others on this list.Christopher Nkunku is hands down the best young player you may consider approaching for the centre forward position. You can basically try buying him from RB Leipzig in FC 24, even though he has already signed a deal with Chelsea and will be joining them for the 2023-2024 season.Christopher Nkunku’s rating sits at 86, and he would be the starter for nearly all the teams inside the game. Whereas the potential of the French player is present at the mark of 89, and he might cross 90 with dynamic player potential.The Best FUT Icons In FC 24, RankedFC 24 Ultimate Team is packed with hundreds of high-rated cards to choose from as you build your squad. While numerous current players have fantastic cards to collect, some of the best FUT cards are Icons ’ legends of the sport. These cards are as rare as any and have in-game stats and EA FC 24 Coins performances to warrant it.
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