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The Gunner is a different ranged class similar to the Archer

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The Gunner is a different ranged class similar to the Archer. They make use of their dual pistols to deal damage to Elyon Gold enemies, using other projectiles if they need to fight numerous adversaries. When it comes to destroying multiple targets at once it's difficult to match the Gunner. Like the Assassin and the Assassin, the Gunner is always moving around the battlefield, trying to find a good position for their attacks. Being able to create space and then unleashing area of effect attacks on enemy will enable the Gunner to destroy the battlefield without a scratch.

Similar to the Archer and the Archer, like the archer Gunner isn't the most durable fighter, and they will struggle if they don't move away from enemies. There are also a lot of skills that you need to aim, and the effects you can apply may or not benefit any current circumstance. The Gunner may require some time to master, but you won't come across a more reliable crowd-clearer.

Elyon is the latest title by the makers of PUBG: Battlegrounds. It's a massive multiplayer action MMO that puts a heavy focus on player versus player combat. Much like World of Warcraft, you must choose one of two realms to join before creating your character.

The Vulpin and Ontari began as one power, referred to under the title of the Solum Empire. As technology developed and power grew was a result The empire began to think differently about things. The empire began to fracture as the Vulpin and Ontari emerged Elyon Gold buy. There is nothing that distinguishes them from a gaming perspective. Each realm contains the same exact playable races and classes to play. The differences are purely related to lore and also cosmetics.

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