I really don't think that is it. Individual men and women are lazy.

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I think situation 2 here is very plausible. Madden management might've hit on each of their goals for Madden 20, maxed out their performance incentives. Maybe even COVID assisted, with more people staying home, playing the game, and buying packs instead of Mut 21 coins going to bars or whatever. With a lot of people planning to fall $500 plus on new systems this past season (and thus less money in the budget for Madden packs), and possibly people not stuck at home with COVID, perhaps they are just attempting to maintain investor expectations much more realistic for Madden 21.

I have been playing MUT since 16 and this is undoubtedly the oldest they have moved on. 2-3 promos skipped. With how lucky the player base was this season (EA always got slagged on all media - and deservedly so) I hope that they are just pulling the resources to make Madden 21 a step in the ideal direction. Plus, with COVID affecting nearly every facet of life, I am presuming to some level they were influenced by it too. Or this is the brand new version - 8 weeks of upgrades and then work on the next calendar year. Any way I do not think you have to fret about EA hitting their profit margin.

In that last scenario, however, why don't you launch a few low-effort? Even if it's something like a series of full-game solos (those need to be easy to program) with big coin benefits, and yet another NAT GT in the end? Or some objective lists (again, can't be that hard) that reward packs or some sort of loyalty incentive? These would carry no incentive to buy packs, would require very little effort, and they'd make the community happier. There are ways to keep down costs, minimize pack purchasing, and make the customers more joyful.

You and I concur. Trying to consider how this could make sense avg number of players online is an integral performance metric for Madden? So, while they are not gonna proceed so far as to conduct off gamers, they don't want to make a good deal of incentive to even come in the game? I dun. I really do still think some sort of loyalty promo will come as well. I'm glad because I strongly disagree with this this one pulled out there. The neighborhood believes EA is lazy concerning putting out content.

I really don't think that is it. Individual men and women are lazy. Nevertheless, in regards to significant businesses, there is a hierarchy and leadership and cheap Madden nfl 21 coins that. It's essentially the job of all that to keep pushing individuals to always continue more, and also beaucracy to keep track of the stuff, create plans. When content dries up like this, I do not think it's an injury or laziness. I believe that it's intentional. I think your scenario might be place on, just saying at times it feels like theyre just being idle.