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Arden Key is an interesting prospect if for no other reason than I'm not sure whether he'll become an edge player, or Madden 23 Coins an off-the-ball linebacker league. At close to 6'6 and weighing around 240 pounds, it's likely that he'll be able to play either position. The four matches I saw, I observed that he's physical enough and athletic enough to handle both.

So, first and foremost any team looking at Key must to decide on the place they're going to play him before they can make an ultimate decision about how much they think they'll value Key as a potential player. I recall doing a debrief regarding Anthony Barr when he came out, and I feel that Key is in similar circumstances. Barr like Key appeared pretty good running off the edge but ultimately the Vikings made the decision to play Key as an off of the ball linebacker, in a 4-3.

The same thing could definitely occur to Key.

However, for the sake of this analysis, I'm going to take a stab and assume that Key will end up becoming an outside rusher. If a team decides to draft him to play off the ball, that's on them.

As an edge rusher one aspect about Key that really struck me was the fact that he would frequently use cutting moves to free himself of blocks.

If you've been following my stuff for awhile you likely already know my opinion on the rip move in general. To me, they're the most efficient method to constantly be able to take an offensive lineman's hands off you, and to keep them away from you, regardless of whether it's running or passing play.

Key made use of rip moves early and often to great effect. While he's tall, he also had great bends that allowed him to truly sink the rip moves before he pushed his arm high into the air, forcing the blockers to release their grip on him. He was able to get many easy wins as a passer rusher because of Buy Mut 23 Coins his rip movement, and it also helped him break blocks to tackle in the running game.

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