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Cederquist told me that if a sufficient number

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We could also talk to them and ask 'Hey, what do you think about this? Is this too much? What are your thoughts on D2R Ladder Items this? They are the ones playing every day. It's a real connection between teams and communities working together."

One significant change Cederquist said came as an outcome of feedback is the change to the mercenaries system arriving with patch 2.4. At the moment, most veterans stick with the mercenary companion who is available during Act II, as they are widely considered to be the most powerful due to the passive aura that enhances the player character as well as the ability to use a certain, powerful Runeword.

Patch 2.4 will also provide other mercenaries that have more power or greater damage potential, while those who are the Act V Barbarian mercenary will receive new shouting abilities. Other significant changes to the game's other mercenaries have yet to be disclosed.

Cederquist told me that if a sufficient number of members of the Diablo: Resurrected community request a specific change, the development team would examine it. What's unclear is what the future will bring in terms of new content. Patch 2.4 will include new Runewords along with the game's initial ladder season.

The game's meta is likely to change. the meta game. If asked if there was anything "off off the list" regarding new content in the future, like an entirely new set of enemies and mercenaries Gallerani said the team is choosing to be cautious and cautionand would prefer to introduce incremental changes to Buy D2R Ladder Items the game and watch how the fans react to it.

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