For The Business As A Whole

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It was not even that effort. It was a prototype + wages and an idea. They did not even have a design doc or anything else as people were all locked behind the survey passing. It's like saying that the mods when we shot their first and second MS rework plans down, squandering a great deal of work. They were prototypes and just ideas at the moment. No artwork assets, balancing or no RS gold gameplay, nothing. No, a great deal of time has been spent on the warding layout. Like this like that has a long record. And it was one of many revisions that they did based on feedback.

It was content the mods were excited and passionate about the large level community shot down because it might mess with rankings the top 1000 players cared about. That situation was a reduction for the polling system. Yes, that has been the sole reason.

Look, there were dissenters from all levels of the community, but people were tricked as the skill becamr. Yes, abilities were seen by folks but the community got more excited, as people have been revealed demos. Them the layout doc showed it had been educated and implemented in a variety of ways, although there was anxiety that it was likely to be yet another buyable. The 1 community which has been united against it, with all the alts and influence to affect the results, was that the HLC.

Sooner or later people are going to want to see the amounts Should you do a poll. Players"talking loudly" about exactly what they need are far easier to ignore or brush off as a"vocal minority". Congrats, you just invented Runelabs. Players need something different than investors. A voting system isn't liked by them because people would not vote in favour of predatory MTX and gambling mechanics.

I stated this in a remark chain on a different thread, but I'll reiterate it here in which it more logically belongs, with some changes so it doesn't only make sense in the context of the comment I replied to: I don't need dates/months from the roadmap. I only need to occasionally know what updates have been shelved, and OSRS buy gold what upgrades exist in what stage of the SDLC. Jagex appears to think the roadmap is all about dates. He believes we'll become like rapid animals when a job announced to be under development gets shelved. But it's about communicating the reasoning behind decisions. There are reasons Jagex shelves but that's been communicated only. Explain to us the priorities changed, and we are going to listen. Month Ahead disclaimers exist for a reason.