Do you guys think PSO2 will be popular in West?

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Much like it's in JP because Japan is Japan. It has a healthy people considering its only on xbox in the moment.

Much like it's in JP because Japan is Japan. It has a healthy people considering its only on xbox in the moment.During launching every game gets high amounts, the real question is how it's going to meseta pso2 be in in the next 2 months. If they do what they did in PSU it's a prospect of dying off. Upgrades compared to the JP servers. Lucky for you they are making NA harmonious with JP content. (That's exactly what I heard) So when they release computer you need to possess Phantom maybe... Tho more articles aint the problem the collabs, zero collabs will hurt alot pso2na.

Considering that OBT its balancing. The Urgent Quests are currently operating its way although even its still Episode 3. After it catches up we will find a content upgrade, I would say. Seeing the new UQs are about a two week schedule it might be a bit before we see it progress to Episode 4. I used ton't play JP out of Episode 3-5 so I don't know what UQs are missing at this stage.

They said they want to achieve parity in order that they are both exactly the same edition. If/ when that happens it is just a matter of if or not outside of Japan really enjoys it. They said that roughly PSU though. The upgrades we have began penalizing not showing up. I guess that they waited this long because of whatever issues they'd afterward (perhaps keeping staff around to take care of periodic content porting versus just how much they have been making off subscriptions, but that is just a guess). Having patches and all of the content means that they all can work with it all.

PSU was likewise a game. PSO2 is totally free to perform with. There are some free to play games that are utter crap that still have a Phantasy Star Online 2 participant base. I'm not worried for PSO2. There is a ton of those on PC and PS4. This sub is obviously secrey needing for it to fail because they are Jap eliists or don't want to feel like they are missing out by staying on Jap servers.

Devs stated they are to create NA in sync after release shortly with JP. It has been posted a couple times. From what I have been told by a different mod, this can be a chance. This was why the weekly maintenance was at times for its US audience until outcry got it changed. Hell I've a ring ready to be leveled to 20 but they have released the material required to degree it into 20. Really puts me off but I'll keep logging for my own dailies and retain hope since I adored Phantasy Star Online 2 back on cube and this is a solid AF sequel but they've got to pso2 sales give us a bit more shit to do.