Tortimer Island had unique bugs and fish

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This is only one of the biggest problems I have with Nook Miles Ticket this game. We live on a frickin island and can travel to other random islands, and SOMEHOW we're bored from that.

Tortimer Island had unique bugs and fish, and you could do different actions (I remember a balloon popping competition?) . There was unique gameplay that was not current on the mainland. ACNH islands are dull.

Additionally, this game has few interactions with the ocean. It makes no sense that I will catch a whale shark at the beach! These special fish should only be on a boat!

Both of these surroundings (islands with different habitats and deep sea fishing) should also let us invite villagers to go with us. Imagine how fun it is to fish together with 3 of your favorite neighbors.I feel like the game as a whole lacks a lot of content tbh.

And it doesn't really seem as though they plan on incorporating it back. They've been incorporating some content with events and vacations but they're usually just related to that event and/or are new things and stuff. On top of this, since they add buy Animal Crossing Items this content in batches the sport ends up going through periods and tendencies which makes the content feel instantly stale. Cool, they included toys... guess that only means everyone's islands will just be covered in these dogs...