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The sixth hidden story is a refreshing two-parter

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The fifth hidden story is yet another four-parter. The first two interactions are in Lost Ark Gold Tideshelf Path, the third is in Starsand Beach, and the fourth is in Secret Forest. You’ve got twenty minutes to get from each interaction to the next.

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The first (top left) is right by the Lailai Living Quarters triport. The second (top right) is in the Ashen Volcanic area, in the western part of the zone. The third (bottom left) is in the northern area of the zone, Inath Cliff. The fourth (bottom right) is sitting atop the waterfall right in front of Oreha’s Well dungeon. There also happens to be a Mokoko Seed next to this one too.

Hidden Story 6: Diary Washed Ashore

The sixth hidden story is a refreshing two-parter. The first interaction is in Starsand Beach and the second is in Nia Village. You’ve got twenty minutes to get from the first one to the second one. The first (left picture) is on the western side of the zone, Inath Beach. It’s in the broken hull of a shipwreck, and, once again, there is a Mokoko seed right next to it. The second (right picture) is hiding amidst some grass in the northeastern area of the zone

Hidden Story 7: Flower Of The Festival

The seventh hidden story is a three-parter, and all the interactions are in different zones. The first is in Tideshelf Path, the second is in Starsand Beach, and the third is in Nia Village. You’ve got twenty minutes to get from each interaction to the next. The first (left picture) is in the Forest of Life area of the zone, near the entrance to Nia Village. The second (middle picture) is in the southeastern part of the zone, Tropical Fruit Orchard. The third (right picture) is pretty nicely obscured beneath some plants and their shade, a few steps away from one of the pi?atas sprawled out on the ground.

The Umar of Lost Ark are certainly a cheerful bunch (with, apparently, quite an arrogant past), and the hidden stories of Yorn allow you to learn a bit more about them. This continent contains the standard seven hidden stories scattered about its zones, ranging from simple two-parters, all the way to a dreaded five-parter.

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Yorn is the final zone of tier one and the beginning of your journey into tier two Lost Ark Gold for sale (after completing your first Yorn Chaos Dungeon and looting your 802 item level gear, that is), so it’s only natural to be slightly overwhelmed with all the new content you unlock here. That said, starting with the easy to complete portions of Yorn’s Adventurer’s Tome is an excellent place to start.

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