Lost Ark The Art of War update adds its most controversial Class to date

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This update introduces the primary Specialist class, the Artist!

The Lost ark Gold update “The Art of War” for March 2023 is finally here! Check out everything new within the Lost Ark “The Art of War” patch notes below.

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Lost Ark Spring Update: The Art of War

This update introduces the primary Specialist class, the Artist! Along with your ex comes the newest 96-player (48v48) Realm versus Realm mode and a whole slew of Quality of Life updates.

Lost Ark Artist Class

The Artist brings a refreshing and unique playstyle to your battlefield back with her illusion powers. With her introduction also comes the addition of the revolutionary Specialist class category. The official article also signifies that she will not be the last Specialist in 2010. This class is built to bring diverse tactical options and exciting gameplay experiences to the table.

With her magic brush, The Artist can select to summon divine beasts or directly attack her enemies, displaying her tactical versatility. Her kit is meant for providing support to her team, as an alternative to raw damage output, which makes her an important addition to the party. By rescuing her allies together with her illusion powers, The Artist can easily turn the tide of battle in their own team’s favor.

Read a little more about the Artist class within our lost ark gold Artist Class Guide.

Truly explore the war and determine the fate of Rowen from the new 96-player Realm versus Realm matches. Players will need to be Faction Rank 3 and Item Level 1390 to get into Tulubik Battlefield.

The new game mode may be accessed by simply clicking on the “Rowen Battlefield” icon on the minimap under Welcome Challenge, or going to the battlefield entrance at either Regarbank Great Plains or Figther’s Haven. It is also accessible to places like major cities, always available islands, as well as your Stronghold. More details about this new PvP mode might be found here.

Arkesia Grand Prix

The Naruni Racing event makes its return following a year! The fan-favorite mode will pit two teams of seven players racing around training. The goal is always to hit the final line first, but you can decide to hamper the opposite team’s progress. This will reward event points that may be exchanged for rewards like a Naruni Mount Selection Chest, honing materials, plus more.

To access the Arkesia Grand Prix, get connected to the “Arkesia Grand Prix Manager” NPC in main cities to get granted the “[Event][Daily] Go for the Arena!” Quest. Players have to be at least Level 50 to get eligible.

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