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Some Construction Requirements For The Mobile Home

Some Construction Requirements For The Mobile Home

Learn about some of the construction requirements for mobie homes at the site:

1. Gray line stakeout: Place the line according to the plan position provided by Party A.

2. Steel structure: The installation position of each component should meet the design requirements. The welding parts on site should be correct, without false welding or leakage welding.

3, fasteners: should comply with the provisions; bolts must be installed in accordance with the requirements of the design requirements, and the gaskets are properly installed, not to be installed or missing. The connecting bolts between the components must be tightened.

4. Paint: After the surface welding and transportation, the primer peeling off should be re-brushed with a layer of anti-rust paint; the exposed parts of the component should be brushed with two layers of paint, and the paint should not have the phenomenon of missing brush, peeling, hanging paint and rust.

5. Wall: Arrange the plate diagram. The sandwich color steel plate and the wall surface must be corrected. The angle between the corner of the gable and the corner of the gable is sealed with angle aluminum. The connection between the plate and the plate is made of I-shaped aluminum. Each wall must be vertical and embedded. The seam depth is consistent, neat and clean, the wall surface should be clean, the color is the same, and the seam is neat.

6. Doors and windows: The position of doors and windows is correctly installed and fastened with bolts. The installation of doors and windows should be flexible and without blockage. The glass should not have pockmarks and cracks, the glass is clean, and the accessories are installed firmly.

7. Floor: Floor slabs should be provided with ash. Cracks between the slabs are not allowed to be installed. The surface of cement or fine gangue should be compacted and compacted. No cracks, peeling and sanding are allowed.

8. Storage: All components should be lightly loaded and transported during stacking. No bumping is allowed. Stacking and corrosive materials should not be stacked at the same time.

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