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How do you sell on the marketplace?

When you sell a product(s) on marketplace, you are creating a public listing that is visible to everyone using the marketplace on VibeTag. To sell on the marketplace:
1. On the left menu on VibeTag you will need to click the icon for Marketplace.
2. On the green banner at the top click the +New to add a new product.
3. A sell new product box will pop up, enter a title for your listing, as well as price, category, condition, location and also give a brief description of the item.
4. You must include a clear and visible photo of the item(s).
5. When complete click publish. Important: You cannot use the market place for advertising businesses or websites. All sellers are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
Failure to comply may result in the removal of the post. If you continue to post content that violates VibeTag’s policies further action may be taken. VibeTag reserve the right to approve, remove and reject any posting for any reason.
What are the requirements to open a shop on In order to advertise your page or product(s), all you need to do is post it on your page or personal profile then boost it. This will allow for people to be able to interact and engage with you through commenting, liking and revibing your post.
What items cannot be sold on VibeTag?
Obscene and Indecent material- Pornography, Fetishes or Sex Toys Animals for sale- Selling of animals is completely prohibited on VibeTag. Any posts on the marketplace or buy and sell pages will be removed without any notice given. Knives or offensive weapons- it is completely prohibited to sell knives or offensive weapons of any kind. Failure to comply will result in your account being suspended without any notice given.
Tobacco Products- This includes tobacco, cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars and liquids. Narcotics- Posting such products will result in you being banned from VibeTag and reported to the relevant authority. Photos not matching description- The photos of the item that you post must match the description and the title of the listing. Important: Failure to comply to the rules of VibeTag, may result in your product being deleted from all selling platforms or being banned from the marketplace.
How do I communicate with the Seller?
To communicate with the Seller you can either ask a public question which is visible to everyone, or you can make a private offer which is only visible to the buyer and the seller.
Important-Some Buyers/Sellers may wish to communicate via telephone calls or text messages. We do not recommend using these forms of communication, in the event of something going wrong, VibeTag customer services will be unable to help you. We therefore strongly recommend you communicate using VibeTag itself. Why has my item been deactivated? If your item has been deactivated it will be due to violating the rules of VibeTag.
What payment methods are accepted on
Electronic payment methods currently available include credit or debit card through the seller’s account. Payment upon pickup is an option for local pickup listings, which will need to be agreed between the buyer and seller. How long does the seller have to ship my product(s)? Each and every seller determines their own handling and dispatch time after the payment has cleared. How do I report a post? On the post by the name of the user there is a drop-down arrow. Simply click report post and select the reason for reporting the post. VibeTag will then review your request and act accordingly.