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What is VibeTag about?

VibeTag is a British online social, news, photo and video messaging networking service. In VibeTag there is something for everyone. VibeTag puts you in control of what you see, what you read and what you post. It is a safe environment for it's users to speak freely and express themselves.

Who can use VibeTag?
You may use the services only if you agree to form a binding contract with VibeTag. In any case, you must:
1. Be at least 13 years of age to use VibeTag.
2.Not have had any account previously disabled for violation of policies.
3.You must not be a convicted sex offender.
4.You must not be involved with any Terrorist Group or activity, Criminal activity , Hate Crime. Any members found to be involved or support those mentioned will have content removed or accounts terminated.

How do we use cookies?
A cookie is a small piece of data file stored on your device, be it computer or mobile device by a web browser that may hold information about your previous visits to our site and may contain personal data relating to you. We use this information to offer you a more personal browsing experience and to enhance your use of VibeTag. By using our website, you consent to cookies being used.

Do you sell any of your users’ information?
We do not and will not sell any of your information to anyone. We only access, preserve and share your information with regulators, law enforcement and others. When we have a belief that it is necessary to: detect, prevent and address fraud, unauthorised use of the Products, breaches of our terms or policies, or other harmful or illegal activity; to protect ourselves(including our rights, property or products), you or others, including as part of investigations or regulatory enquiries; or to prevent death or imminent bodily harm.

Our privacy policy describes how we handle the information you provide to use when you use our VibeTag services. You understand that through your use of the services you can consent to the collection. Please review our privacy statement for more detail.

What name can I use to register for a VibeTag account?
The name on your profile or page should be the name that appears on an ID, Passport or official document. Nicknames can be used for example if the first name is Richard but your nickname is Rich or Ricky this will be accepted. Profiles are for individual use only; however, you can create a page for business or organisation purposes.

How do I change my VibeTag Password?
1. Click your profile icon on the right of the yellow banner
2. Click General Settings
3. Click on Password
4. Enter your current password
5. Choose your new password and then repeat it for confirmation
6. Click save to complete the password change.

How do I block someone?
Visit the page of the person you wish to block. Next to their profile pictures are 3 orange boxes. Click the box that has 3 dots. Click Block.

How do I unblock someone?
1. Click your profile icon on the right of the yellow banner
2. Click General Settings
3. Click blocked users
4. Choose the person you wish to unblock, and click Un-Block.


How do you sell on the marketplace?
When you sell a product(s) on marketplace, you are creating a public listing that is visible to everyone using the marketplace on VibeTag.

To sell on the marketplace:
1. On the left menu on VibeTag you will need to click the icon for Marketplace
2. On the green banner at the top click the +New to add a new product.
3. A sell new product box will pop up, enter a title for your listing, as well as price, category, condition, location and also give a brief description of the item.
4. You must include a clear and visible photo of the item(s).
5. When complete click publish.

Important: You cannot use the market place for advertising businesses or websites. All sellers are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Failure to comply may result in the removal of the post. If you continue to post content that violates VibeTag’s policies further action may be taken. VibeTag reserve the right to approve, remove and reject any posting for any reason.

What are the requirements to open a shop on VibeTag.com?
In order to advertise your page or product(s), all you need to do is post it on your page or personal profile then boost it. This will allow for people to be able to interact and engage with you through commenting, liking and revibing your post.

What items cannot be sold on VibeTag?
Obscene and Indecent material- Pornography, Fetishes or Sex Toys

Animals for sale- Selling of animals is completely prohibited on VibeTag. Any posts on the marketplace or buy and sell pages will be removed without any notice given.

Knives or offensive weapons- it is completely prohibited to sell knives or offensive weapons of any kind. Failure to comply will result in your account being suspended without any notice given.

Tobacco Products- This includes tobacco, cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars and liquids.

Narcotics- Posting such products will result in you being banned from VibeTag and reported to the relevant authority.

Photos not matching description- The photos of the item that you post must match the description and the title of the listing.

Important:  Failure to comply to the rules of VibeTag, may result in your product being deleted from all selling platforms or being banned from the marketplace.

How do I communicate with the Seller?
To communicate with the Seller you can either ask a public question which is visible to everyone, or you can make a private offer which is only visible to the buyer and the seller.

Important-Some Buyers/Sellers may wish to communicate via telephone calls or text messages. We do not recommend using these forms of communication, in the event of something going wrong, VibeTag customer services will be unable to help you. We therefore strongly recommend you communicate using VibeTag itself.

Why has my item been deactivated?
If your item has been deactivated it will be due to violating the rules of VibeTag.

What payment methods are accepted on VibeTag.com?
Electronic payment methods currently available include credit or debit card through the seller’s account. Payment upon pickup is an option for local pickup listings, which will need to be agreed between the buyer and seller.

How long does the seller have to ship my product(s)?
Each and every seller determines their own handling and dispatch time after the payment has cleared.

How do I report a post?
On the post by the name of the user there is a drop-down arrow. Simply click report post and select the reason for reporting the post. VibeTag will then review your request and act accordingly.

What are the requirements for a blue tick verification?
Profiles with a blue tick are ones where VibeTag her verified that the profile is the actual profile of the public figure it is claiming to represent.

To request a blue verification badge for your profile or page, it needs to have:

1. Profile must be completed with profile picture, cover photo, name, website and bio.
2. A name that follows VibeTag guidelines and does not impersonate others.
3. A business telephone number that can be verified.
4. An email connecting to your website for verification.
5. You must provide a government photographic identification document, i.e. passport, driving license or identity card.
6. Content posted to the account that has been active on VibeTag for at least 3 months.
7. “Follow” enabled and your profile must be set to Public
8. In order to verify, you must be able to post on other social media platforms tagging VibeTag.

If you are attempting to verify a brand or media page your will need to provide a utility bill or certificate of formation instead of point (8).

What does Revibe mean?
Revibe means to share a post, message, picture or video with others. Consideration should be made on who you choose to revibe with, as those who can see your activity on your products can choose to revibe it with others, including people and businesses outside the audience that you shared with.

How do I delete a video or photo from my VibeTag?

To delete a photo, video or post from VibeTag you will need to:
1. Go to your VibeTag profile page.
2. Choose the picture, video or post that you would like to remove.
3. Click ˇ on the top right of the post.
4. Click delete and then confirm delete.

Important: Once you delete a post, picture or video it will be permanently deleted from your VibeTag page and will no longer be available.

How do I choose what I get notifications about on VibeTag?
On VibeTag you can change what you get notified about when you are using VibeTag either online or offline.

To customise your notifications:
1. On your profile page click your profile icon on the top right-hand side
2. Click on general settings
3. Click on notification settings.
4. Select what you wished to be notified on.
5. Click save.

How many points do I get per post?
For each post that you make, you will earn 3 points. In order to receive the 3 points, your posts must be made public that you wish to earn the points on.  Earned points can be found in your wallet. If you change the setting to private or delete the post, your 3 points will be removed.

Important: The points amount is subject to change without prior notice given. This can happen if your posts content has less than 500 likes and loves.

What is Singtalkawoo?
Singtalkawoo allows your to be creative. You can create songs and upload photos and synchronise them to make the person look like they are singing for 25 seconds. You can upload your own song or use our default Birthday song and send and share to those you are connected with.

How do I use Singtalkawoo?
1. Under moments, click on Singtalkawoo
2. Click on create
3. Click on the blank face
4. When you can use the default image or upload your own photo up to 5 maximum.
5. Click next
6. Here you can change the song or upload your own recording.
7. Preview to see what you have created.
8. Share with your contact and enjoy.

What is Up-My-Vibe?
Up-my-Vibe allows you to edit your photos before posting. It allows you to crop, add filters, text, shapes and backgrounds to your images.

How do I change my profile picture and cover picture?
The easiest way to change your picture if you click edit which is next to your profile picture on your page.

This will take you to general settings.
1. Click on Image and Cover image on the right-hand side
2. Click on the camera icon inside the image box
3. Select the image you would like to use.
4. Click on the camera icon inside the cover box
5. Select the image you would like to use.
6. Click save.

How do I start a video call?
To call a contact you need to:
1. Click on the messenger icon.
2. Select your contact
3. For Audio Call click on the phone icon, for video call click on the camera icon

Can I create my own photo album?
Yes. Click on albums on the left column of your profile. Click create. Name your album and select your photo and click upload. You can also share your photos and albums with those on your contact list.

Can I temporarily delete my account?
You can temporarily deactivate your account or You can also delete your account permanently if you choose, this will result in all photos, posts and videos being deleted and unrecoverable.

How do I delete my account?
1. Click on your profile picture on the top right of the yellow banner.
2. Click General Settings.
3. Click Delete Account
4. Select whether temporary delete of permanent.
5. Enter your current password, and confirm password
6. Click Delete

With the weather Icon, you can check the weather in any location. It will give you the lowest and highest temperature available. Time of sunrise and time of sunset as well as the chance of rain.
1. Click the weather icon on the left column
2. Click red menu button to choose current, 24 hours or 7-day weather forecast.

On the left column, once you select the icon Blog. You can view any blog of your choosing. You can view more recent blogs, popular blogs or view blogs according to category.

What does set up mean?
On the top yellow banner you will find set up. Set up is where you can create adverts, blogs, events, groups and pages.

How do I create a Blog?
It is very straightforward to create a blog.
1. Click set up on the top yellow banner
2. Select create Blog
3. Choose the title of your blog.
4. Give the blog a description
5. Upload a photo
6. Write your blog
7. Select the category you would like the blog to be placed under
8. Include as many hashtags as you require
9. Click publish to complete the blog.

Creating an Event
1. Click Set up on the top yellow banner
2. Select create an event
3. Give your event a name
4. Make sure to give your event a start date and an end date
5. Give as much information in the description
6. Add a cover photo to publicise your event
7. Click publish

How to create a group

1. Click set up on the top yellow banner
2. Select create a group
3. Choose a group name that you would like to use
4. Enter group URL with the name of the group included.
5. Choose whether you would like the group to be public or private
6. Select category or subject matter of the group
7. In the About section write a before description of what the group is about.
8. Complete by clicking create.

Creating a new page
1. Click set up on the top yellow banner
2. Select create a page
3. Choose the page name
4. Enter page URL including the page name
5. Select the category the page covers
6. Write a page description
7. Add a button title for example, learn more, show now, donate
8. Select location that the page will cover
9. To complete the page click create.

How do I create an advert to put on VibeTag?
You can advertise your products and items for sale on VibeTag by creating an advert.

A simple single 2 mins form.

To create an advert:
1. Click set up on the top yellow banner
2. Select create AD
3. Select the purpose of advertising, whether it is for promoting a product on VibeTag or to sell something.
4. Enter title of advert
5. Complete description of the advert
6. Enter company name
7. Important to select your preferred identity, whether you want to use your profile image or customise an image.
8. Complete the location of the advert
9.  Select your targeted audience
10. Type of display you want to have. In regards to timeline video boosting, timeline image boosting, video adverts playing or with timeline image sliders.
11. Select a button label to include various labels such as Learn more, watch video, donate now, send a message or shop now.
12. Select the duration you would like the advert to run for
13. Choose how you would like the bidding, per click, per message or per impression.
14. Select a media file that you would like to upload for your advert
15. To finalise click publish